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5 bathing beauties: Bath ideas for 2019


The humble bath is arguably the most important part of any bathroom—so important, in fact, it’s lent its name to the whole room! In this article, we’ll be looking at 5 great bath ideas for 2019, demonstrating the latest trends and some innovative designs.


Whilst more and more of us enjoy a quick shower at the start of the day, there has been a growing emphasis on the bath as a way to relax, unwind and get away from the stresses and strains of our busy, busy lives.


Whether you have the space for a show-stopping roll top or simply need something that uses as little space as possible, we’ve come up with 5 fabulous bath ideas for bathrooms big and small in 2019.


1. Freestanding bath ideas 2019

Surely, the kind of bath we all aspire to? The freestanding tub exemplifies everything that is great about owning a stylish bathroom. It signifies luxury and opulence, providing an isolated space in which you can let all the worries of the world simply wash over you.


If you’re one of the many homeowners who like a more current, contemporary style, it is definitely worth taking a look at our range of on-trend freestanding baths, for something that is minimalist yet stunning to behold.


2. Space-saving bath ideas 2019

Odd shapes and awkward layouts are actually more common than you’d think when it comes to renovating your bathroom. Plenty of time and effort has gone into creating bathtubs which make optimum use of space, with innovative designs that are ideal for small bathrooms.


3. Industrial bath ideas 2019

With our soft industrial bathroom proving incredibly popular at the Ideal Home Show 2018, it’s hardly surprising that many homeowners are choosing this look when revamping their bathrooms. Whilst a freestanding bath may not be practical for many, there are still ways you can add some soft industrial style to a smaller bathroom space.


4. Traditional bath ideas 2019

Here’s a conundrum that many people encounter: You really want to add a classic roll top bath to your traditional bathroom but simply don’t have the space. So, what do you do?


With elegant back to wall roll top bath, there’s no need to compromise style when saving on space.


The acrylic construction is resistant to stains and scratches, so it will stay looking great for many years to come. Meanwhile, the grey exterior is designed to blend seamlessly with vintage furniture and suites from many of The Bath Co. collections, so you can create the perfect timeless look in your 2019 bathroom.


5. Show-stopping bath ideas 2019

The Art Deco period of the early 20th Century is always considered a classic era for design, not least when it comes to home interiors. Creating a Hollywood regency bathroom which wouldn’t look out of place in The Great Gatsby really isn’t too difficult, especially when you choose a show-stopping bath that captures all the charm and razzmatazz of this opulent time.