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Bathroom plant ideas – best plants to use to create a tranquil oasis in bathrooms



Bathroom plant ideas – best plants to use to create a tranquil oasis in bathrooms


Bathrooms are where it’s at right now for greenery. And we have an array of brilliant bathroom plant ideas to perfect the trend in your own home, which can be introduced event to the smallest bathroom.


Filling our bathrooms in a bid to create a ‘Spathroom‘ is a trend that sees no signs of waning. But not all plants can thrive or even survive in the hot and humid environment of a bathroom. Always consider the living environment before you fall in love with a foliage that’s not suitable for the desired room.



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Plants are a great way to better bathrooms in all manner of imaginative ways. The green foliage can enhance bathroom colour schemes, adding an accent colour without decorating. As well as welcoming an uplifting mood, thanks to the element of nature being present indoors.


Which plants are best for bathrooms?

As a general rule of thumb for houseplants is to think about where you would find your plant in its natural habitat.


What plants are at their happiest in this humid, often dark room? To help with specific plants that thrive in a bathroom environment we asked the experts at Patch Plants.


You’ll find Boston Ferns in the wild in humid, shady areas, like swamps and forests, in South and Central America, the West Indies and Africa’ explains Megan Spink, plant doctor at Patch.


They love anywhere wet, hot and not too bright. When looking after one at home, the rule is to never let a Boston fern dry out. Make sure to keep the soil moist and humidity level high.’


Bromeliads and air plants are used to rainforest conditions, they thrive in bathroom environments,’ explains Michael Perry from The Joy of Plants. Advising, ‘A quick spritz of water every few days is all the moisture they need.


Bathroom plant ideas

1. Accent strong bathroom colours with foliage

Using strong, dark colours such as black, slate and navy has been a growing trend for our gardens in recent years. For the simple fact that dark colours accent greenery perfectly. The darker the backdrop the more the natural tones of foliage really ‘pop’.


If your bathroom is painted in an on-trend dark shade, you can’t go wrong with filling it with an abundance of greenery.


2. Fill the corner of the bathroom with a fern

Nobody puts baby in the corner, but a fabulous fern – yes please! ‘Ferns are an excellent choice for lowlight level rooms, so a bathroom without a window is ideal’ says Michael.


There is a huge range of different leaf colours and shapes too which you can incorporate.’ So no matter how dark or cramped the corner of your bathroom is, there’s a fern variety to add some finesse.


3. Surround yourself with nature while bathing

To benefit from the element of nature you need to surround yourself with plants, to create the ultimate spa sensation. Dedicated a whole shelf to pots, positioned close to your bath so you can take it all in while you bathe.


But worth baring in mind how to care best for them in the bathroom. ‘Potted plants always need drainage, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plant into pots without drainage’ Michael explains. ‘Just make sure you include a layer of gravel and keep a check on watering.’


4.Create outdoor shower vibes

A statuesque plant stood the other side of a glass shower screen helps to create the feeling of showering out in the elements – but from the privacy of your own home of course!


The reflection from the glass will help to create the illusion of more greenery, a simple but effective way to make the decorative element of your plants go further.


5. Utilise the ceiling for hanging plants

Use on-trend macrame plant hangers to suspend leaves from above, jungle style. Use the ceiling as the 5th wall, freeing up the actual walls for towel rails and cabinets . Using every inch of free space is key because so often bathrooms can lack space – especially in small bathrooms.


Suction pots allow you to easily hang plants from wall surfaces without creating any fixings and are incredibly versatile, allowing you to soften the wall-scape’ suggest Michael imaginatively.


6. Use mirrors to reflect foliage

Placing plants within view of a mirror can go a long way to boost the visual effect. ‘Beneath a mirror will create a beautiful meadow effect that will make you feel like you’re looking out of a window, surrounded by luscious foliage’ suggest Michael thoughtfully


7. Place a single pretty orchid

Orchids love nothing more than humidity, as they would experience in their natural tropical habitat. A single elegant stem in a decorative pot is sometimes all a bathroom window sill needs.


8. Consider the light requirements

While all bathroom plants will be similar with a fondness for moisture, not all will be need light in the same measures. Some varieties of ferns for instance, because they live in the dappled light of a forest they can as happy in direct sunlight, as they can in partial shade.


Dedicate window sills to those plants that need the light more. Be sure to read the care instructions on your chosen plants before deciding on positioning within the room.


9.Keep it simple

Sometimes less is more. You don’t have to offer a rainforest to get the look for your bathroom – especially if minimal is your preferred style. A simple, suitable potted plant on a shelf is all you need to welcome the trend into your home.