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Black and white bathroom designs


A black andwhite bathroom is a contemporary and classic style choice, but it is easy tostamp your own personality onto and make it something completely new anddifferent.


Black and whiteare perfect together – black absorbs, while white reflects – which is why thiscombination is such a great choice for creating a real impact in your bathroom.Black and white also works well in a functional space, like a bathroom, wherebold angles and clean lines tend to dominate.


Amonochrome bathroom is easy to achieve, and can give the room a luxury bathroomfeel – just start with classic fixtures in bright white and choose strikingblack wallpaper, bathroom tiles or cabinets to make your room design stand out.Black and white is such a stark contrast, there is no need to try and make astatement in any other way.


And ofcourse, a black and white bathroom doesn’t have to be traditional. Have funwith your colour scheme and add unusual features, such as a feature wall, amural or mosaic tiling.


A timelesschoice, a black and white bathroom can be adapted to suit any taste. Keep yourlook clean and modern, with a hotel theme. Add bold, block colour to the walls,choose a free-standing bath and even add in a media system for a reallyluxurious feeling.


Or, opt fora Moroccan theme to soften a stark black and white background. Add patternedwallpaper and vintage, shabby chic black furniture for a whimsical take onclassic black and white.


Whateverstyle you choose, black and white is such a striking theme, you are sure tomake an impact with this classic design. Just remember: A little goes a longway. Try adding grey to your colour scheme to soften a stark bathroom, orchoose monochrome soft furnishings to give just a nod to this theme.


If you likethe idea of a black and white bathroom but fancy something a little different,don’t miss our vintage bathroom design ideas.


1.     Moroccan-style bathroom cabinet

Black andwhite bathrooms don't have to be cool and contemporary - use warm, pale tonesand a range of textures, like this Moroccan-style inlaid cabinet, for a familybathroom with bags of style.


2.     Hotel-style bathroom

For theultimate hotel-style decorating scheme, think about adding a media system toyour bathroom. Team a flat screen TV with black walls and floorboards, and afreestanding slipper bath, for a totally relaxing haven - making sure you havethe TV professionally installed by a tradesman, of course.


3.     Masculine bathroom

Addinterest to plain, grey tiled walls and sleek sanitary ware with carefullychosen accessories, like these monochrome towels, cool candles and unusualtowel rail.


4.     Bathroom with window frame mural

Have funwith black and white schemes by drawing attention to an unusual part of theroom. This coloumn-style window canvas brightens up an austere monochrome look,and adds a bit of humour to a traditional bathroom.


5.     Charcoal tiled bathroom

Create acosy, contemporary feel in a compact bathroom with smooth charcoal tiles and aclassic chrome mixer tap. A touch of red completes the look.


6.     Contemporary black-and-white bathroom

Go forall-out drama with a feature bath, like this angular, deep-sided design. Addinterest to plain black walls with unusual textures, such as this panelledlook. Complete with quirky accessories such as this chandelier and laddershelving.


7.     Tiled bathroom with shower room

Create acountry spa-style bathroom with floor-to-ceiling tiles and a separate wet roomarea. Warm lighting stops the room from feeling too cold.


8.     Wallpapered bathroom

Wallpapercan work in a bathroom - take steps to protect it from damage and keep itlooking as new, such as varnishing or covering with a glass screen, as seen inthis woodland-inspired bathroom.


9.     Monochrome feature wall

Create afeature wall using monochrome wallpaper around a sink or basin - team withpatterned towels and mirrored accessories for a chic, hotel-style look


10.   Mosaictiled bathroom

Create aluxe feel in a small bathroom by using mosaic tiles. Compact bathroom suitesand furniture, along with clever use of mirrors, will give the illusion ofextra space.


11.   Crocodileleather black walls

Providedits waterproof, you can go for bold in a bathroom space. Team his crocodileskin embossed vinyl with brass fittings to create a glamorous, masculine,nightclub vibe.


12.   Illustratedtiled shower room

A romanface picked out in mosaics may sound OTT, but working it in a monochrome palettemakes an elegant statement.


13.  Graphic pattern wallpaper bathroom

Wallpaperis a great alternative to often clinical looking tiles. Bring some illustrativepattern into the mix and you can have some real run.


14.  Floral wallpaper bathroom

Monochromecan be as boudoir as it is bachelor pad. Juxtapose smudgy charcoal florals withsmooth white for a softly sophisticated, feminine mood.


15.  Black metro tile bathroom

Metro tilesare a bathroom classic. In white they can be a little bit public bathroom.Choose black, however, and you've got affordable glamour.


16.  Pretty black and white bathroom

Black andpink is a classic bathroom colour combo. Make it modern by layering patternssuch as trellis wallpaper and gingham curtains. More chic than cutesy!


17.  Glamorous black bathroom

Black andwhite photography makes a bold, iconic statement. Use in a bathroom to give anotherwise classic bathing space extra interest.


18.  Horizontal black and white stripebathroom

Giveperennially stylish striped wallpaper an extra twist by hanging ithorizontally.


19.  Tiled bathroom

Soften theotherwise harsh monochrome palette with some ethnic pattern


     20.  B&W stripe tiled bathroom

Create your own stripes with affordablelarge-format tiles configured in bold pattern. Take it floor to ceiling formaximum drama.