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Bathroom speakers guide – the lowdown on splash proof sound systems


Looking to belt out show tunes in theshower, catch up on the news or listen to podcasts? These should do the trick


Their lack of regular power socketsand water hazards aplenty means bathrooms haven’t always been the easiest placeto enjoy your favourite tracks. But thanks to developments in wireless tech andspeaker quality, you can up the tempo of your daily ablutions. And by streamingfrom services such as Spotify or Deezer, the options are virtually endless.


Below, you find all the commonquestions about bathroom speakers answered. But if you have any more, feel freeto contact us in the comments box. Right then, time to listen up!


1. How canI get the best sound quality in my bathroom?

If you’drather soak in silence that listen to poor-quality sound, consider linking yourbathroom to a home music system. Waterproof speakers are wired to an audioplayer and amplifier outside the bathroom – music can be controlled via a wallpanel. Crestron EMEA provides such automation systems, with options to controlyour bathroom lighting from the same panel as your music to really set themood. ‘Alternatively, we can supply a waterproof remote control,’ saysCreston’s Phillip Pini.


Allbathroom electrics must conform to strict safety regulations – a qualifiedelectrician should always carry out the installation and can advise you on whatis and isn’t possible in your particular space.


2. I can’tafford a full home music system. Is there a cheaper option?

Bluetoothspeakers that stream music from a smartphone or tablet are our retro-fitfriend. For safe bathroom use, they’re powered by waterproof low-voltagetransformers connected to the mains. The most common are in-ceiling speakersand those in mirrors and cabinets. Bluetooth devices usually have at least a10-metre range, so you can leave your phone or tablet outside the bathroom,safe from water, and the music will continue to play.


3. Whatchoices do I have if I don’t want to rewire?

Go for aportable solution. There are plenty of waterproof Bluetooth speakers availableand the humble shower radio, now with vastly improved DAB quality, is always anoption. Try UE’s fully waterproof speakers, which can survive a dunking in thebath and will still play music while it’s floating


4. What’sthe best way to control a bathroom speaker safely?

To changetracks in the bathroom without fear of dropping your phone in the bath, go fora waterproof handset when you next upgrade. This year sees a whole host of launchesfrom the likes of Sony, Samsung and Apple, using the latest nano-coatingprotection.


5. What isan IP rating?

IP standsfor Ingress Protection, and any source of music in the bathroom needs it. The last digit given indicates thewater protection, 8 being the highest. Look for at least IP67 or IPX7, coveringimmersion – IP65 or IPX5, means splashproof. In-ceiling speakers not locatedabove a bath or shower only need to be moisture proof so IP44 is sufficient.