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Got an unused space you’d like to turn into an extra bathroom?


Here's an easy way to make your home renovation dreams finally become reality…

Getting by with just one bathroom in your home can be a challenge at times – especially ifthere’s more than two of you living under one roof. The idea of having a longsoak in the bath without having your partner or kids disturbing you soundsutterly blissful, agreed?


Then perhaps it’s time to think about how and where you might be able to fit in anextra bathroom to help take the pressure off your busy household.


The goodnews is that you can easily install extra facilities – like a shower, washbasin or loo – in unused spaces such as the basement, garage or loft, even if they aren’t close to the main drainage system, which means the possibilitiesare endless.


Andalthough installing a new bathroom requires quite an array of fittings andtechnical skill, often in a very compact space, Saniflo systems are anaffordable solution and quick to install. The Sanitop Up, which takes wastewater from a wash basin and loo is a good option if you’re converting under thestairs into an extra cloakroom.


And if you’re working with a particularly small space, the Sanislim (a slimmerversion) or the Sanicompact (a loo with a macerator built in) could be theanswer. Neither requires much work or upheaval at home and could be ready touse in just a few hours.


If you’vegot your heart set on a concealed unit for a sleek finish and are keen to hide themacerator behind panelling, then the Saniwall Pro Up is an ideal solution.