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11 Over-the-Toilet Storage Solutions


If you’re short on vanity space, an over-the-toilet storage unit is a great way to createextra storage by using an area of the bathroom that’s probably already empty.These units are also perfect for rentals since you can add storage and shelveswithout actually installing permanent pieces such as cabinetry. However,over-the-toilet storage doesn’t have the best reputation for style; so, we’verounded up the best, most stylish units for every space, need and budget. Takea look at our top picks, from traditional bathroom hutches to low-profileshelves.


Best Hutch Storage

Hutch-styleover-the-toilet storage units are a great way to get that extra cabinet lookwithout actually installing extra cabinets. (Though you should always anchorthe unit to the wall for safety.)


Best Metal Storage

Metal unitsare typically the most lightweight and slim versions of over-the-toiletstorage, but the design also screams first college dorm. However, this shinyoption from Pottery Barn is gorgeous and would look great against luxe marbletiling.


Best Minimal Storage

There’s nostandard size for over-the-toilet storage and a lot of units, especially woodenmodels, tend to be pretty wide. If you want a wooden rack but don’t have space,this slim leaning ladder from West Elm is a great option. It’s compact butstill gives you three additional shelves.


Best Cabinets

One of themost frustrating things about assembling over-the-toilet storage is that mostmodels feature a bar at the bottom that runs behind the toilet. This bar helpscounterbalance the unit, but not all toilets have space between the wall toaccommodate the bar. You can avoid this with a floating cabinet unit instead.


BestLow-Profile Storage

If you’reconcerned that an over-the-toilet unit will make your bathroom look toocramped, consider a low-profile unit. These nest just over the top and don’ttake up an entire wall. It’s a great way to get an additional shelf withoutsacrificing space for art.


BestSpa-Inspired Storage

Extrastorage doesn’t have to mess with the vibe if you already have a spa aestheticin your bathroom. We spotted this no-tools-required unit from Bed Bath &Beyond with light wood that is perfect for a Scandinavian spa-inspired theme.


Best forSmall Spaces

If you’retrying to add storage to a half bath or super small bathroom, chances are youdon’t have enough room for a standing shelving unit between the toilet and thevanity or the toilet and the wall, but you can still mount additional shelvingon the wall. This floating unit from Anthropologie is jaw-droppingly gorgeouswith Edwardian-inspired brassy steel. Who knew bathroom storage could be sobeautiful?


Best Budget-Friendly Storage

If you’relooking for a stylish option on a strict budget, check out the dark wood is theperfect background for styling apothecary-style glass storage jars and wouldlook great against white subway tile.


Best StorageSet

No matterhow pretty, sometimes over-the-toilet storage looks random and out of place —especially next to cabinets of a different style or color. If you like havingmatching furniture sets, you can buy coordinated bathroom storage, too. We lovethis three-piece set from Overstock. It comes with a hutch-style storage rack,a wall-mounted floating rack and a low-profile shelving unit. This set would beperfect to bring style and personality to a dorm or rental bathroom.


Best Multipurpose Unit

Unlikepantry or closet shelves, most over-the-toilet storage units don't haveadjustable shelves. So, if you have large, decorative glass jars for soaps andcotton balls or larger art and knickknacks, they might not fit. However, thisunit from The Container Store features foldable shelves. So, if you have XLshampoo bottles from Costco or just don't need that many shelves, you can justfold them up to accommodate. This is also very handy when moving and packingfurniture!


Best for aKid's Bathroom

A kid'sbathroom is where you need the most storage for all those bath toys, buthutches and over-the-toilet units — even when mounted correctly — can becomeproblematic with little hands. These lightweight acrylic cubes from Crate &Kids are a good compromise. They're wall-mounted and safely out of reach frommischief-makers. Plus, you can cluster as many as you need for toys, shampooand more. An even grid of six or eight across a wall would look cute, too.