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10 modern bathroom ideas for 2021 and beyond


Bathroomlooking tired? Be inspired! Discover our 10 modern bathroom ideas for 2021 andbeyond.


Whilst theCoronavirus pandemic has put many of our best-laid plans on hold, bathroommakeovers are proving more popular than ever.


Whateversituation you find yourself in, it shouldn’t stop you from dreaming big when itcomes to that next bathroom refurb. So, to help you achieve your LittleBathroom Victories, we’ve come up with these 10 modern bathroom ideas for 2021and beyond. Which do you like best?

1. Monochrome modernity

Monochromecolour schemes remain incredibly popular with homeowners and it isn’t hard tosee why.


2. On-trendand affordable

As modernbathroom ideas go, this one is both inspirational and affordable, featuring anon-trend patchwork tiled floor that looks simply stunning.


3. Hotelchic

Whilststaying overnight in a hotel may be off the schedule for many of us, why notbring that high-end, hotel style to your home?


4. Wet roomwonderfulness

As modernbathroom ideas go, a wet room is one of the most desirable. With easy,step-free access and a seamless style, it’s a look many of us aspire to.


5. Concreteplans

Whilst alittle too brutalist for some peoples’ tastes, the urban concrete look iscertainly worth considering.


6. Mid-century styling

Stillhungry for modern bathroom ideas? How about some elegant mid-century styling?


7. Fittedfurniture

Using spacein a creative way, how is this for one of our best modern bathroom ideas? Fittedfurniture, once the sole preserve of kitchens and bedrooms, is fast becoming apopular option for bathrooms.


8. Thenatural look

For thosewho prefer a more natural look and feel, this walnut wood furniture from theWye walnut range is a neat way to create a clutter-free bathroom.

9. Room for2

One of themost popular modern bathroom ideas of recent times has been the double basin,allowing 2 people to undertake their daily routines simultaneously.


10. Naturalelements

Combiningorganic touches like rustic wood finishes and soft, curved shapes, thiscontemporary look from the Burton collection is a real antidote to thetrappings of modern life.