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Planning a contemporary bathroom


Featuring the very latest in sophisticated style, contemporary bathrooms are popular forobvious reasons.


Whetheryou’re spoilt for space or struggling with restricted dimensions, this styleshouldn’t be difficult to achieve.


What is acontemporary bathroom?

One of thefirst things to establish is what we mean by the term “contemporary” whentalking about a bathroom style. Many people speak of "contemporary"and "modern" interchangeably, but these are actually two distinct anddifferent styles.


In thissense, “modern” represents a specific time period, roughly between the 1920sand 1950s, where futuristic, forward-thinking designs were all the rage. Thislook is considered a design classic and is still recreated to this day.


“Contemporary”, however, represents anytype of style that is current and on-trend, i.e. a style that is popular today.


Measure up

Firstthings first, you need to know how much room you have to play with. Get a tapemeasure out and note down the dimensions of your room, with any windows, ventsand pipes noted (if you’re not sure what you need to measure, check out ourbathroom measuring advice). Some basic rules include placing freestanding bathsat least 100mm from the wall and allowing enough space for your plumbing.


To find outmore about clearance guide lines in your bathroom, check out our bathroomlayout guide.


Be boldwith your bath

Yourbathtub will most likely be the central feature, so you’ll want a style thatlooks simply stunning. Choose a design that isn’t overly ornate, with cleanlines and a simple shape. It’s a good idea to place the bath centrally in theroom but those with limited space can position it near a wall so access isn'trestricted.



Your choiceof bath isn’t the only important consideration. Contemporary bathrooms are allabout the finishing touches, so make sure you match your stylish tub withdesigner taps.


Don’tforget to keep your style flowing by matching your bath mixers with basinmixers from the same range.


Need somehelp in choosing the right tap for your bathroom? Head on over to our tapbuying guide, which covers all options.



Contemporary bathroom suites

Designedwith modern living in mind, contemporary bathroom suites tend to have a smallerfootprint than their older counterparts. If you are replacing an older suite,this means there should be more options open to you both in terms of size andstyle.


Dependingon your preference, you could explore more angular designs, or stick with theslightly more common round shapes. Look for toilets with noise-reducing softclose seats and water-saving dual flushes. You could even consider a back towall toilet, or a wall hung design.


If yourplumbing comes directly out of the wall, you can help clear your floor spacewith a semi pedestal basin or a wall hung basin.



Although abath is normally the main focus, you may choose to have a shower instead. Oryou may even be lucky enough to have space for both. Whatever the case may be,your shower still needs to stand out.


Walk inshowers are the ideal option for a larger bathroom as they provide easy accessand maximise light, but if space is at a premium then you could mount a showerslider rail kit in a shower enclosure or shower bath, providing a more compactbut equally stylish option.


You caneven opt for a fixed shower head, with many styles to suit the contemporarystyle, including round and square designs, with either wall or ceiling arms.



No matterhow large or small your bathroom may be, clutter is enemy No 1 when creating acontemporary look. The way to combat it is simple: Add some stylish storage inthe form of a vanity unit and wall hung cabinets.


Contemporarybathroom furniture is easy to spot. The tell-tale features include clean lines,sleek shapes and unfussy designs. Soft close doors and drawers help to reducenoise, whilst moisture-resistant materials provide great durability. You’llfind a range of sizes and finishes, from high gloss white to warming oak,that’ll suit your bathroom.



Contemporarybathrooms should be clean and uncluttered, so be cautious with your choice ofaccessories. Contemporary heated towel rails are a good investment and ourrange of bathroom accessories offers plenty of affordable items that will bringout the best of your contemporary styling.


Contemporaryheated towel rails and radiators are a good investment and now come in a rangeof heat-efficient materials, colours and designs to suit any type of décor.


When itcomes to bathroom lighting ideas, there is a much wider range of options tochoose from these days. Downlights are very popular, especially when used toprovide additional illumination to your shower area. Of course, there arespecific rules and regulations when it comes to choosing lighting for your bathroom,which you can find more about in our bathroom lighting buying guide, includinginformation on electrical zones and IP ratings.


It’s oftenthe little things that can make or break a contemporary bathroom design, so awell-chosen and coordinated range of bathroom accessories will certainly bringout the best of your contemporary styling.



Fixturesand bathroom fittings are only half the battle when creating a contemporarybathroom and you must also consider colours and general styles.


Keepingthings clean and minimalist is the key, so make sure your tiles (both on wallsand floors) are plain.


Combiningwhite tiles with dark wood accents in the furniture is a classic style choice,and incredibly popular given the monochrome trend.