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How to measure for a toilet seat


Is your old toilet seat broken or rattling? We’ll show you exactly what you need to do when measuring for your new toiletseat, to ensure it fits perfectly first time.


According to a recent survey of ourcustomers, nearly half of all those who responded had a loose or broken toiletseat, which they simply hadn’t got round to fixing or replacing.


There are many reasons why people put offfitting a new toilet seat, with one of the main ones being that toilet seatsdon’t come in a standard size. Toilet seats go through plenty of wear and tearin their time, so it’s unsurprising that so many require replacing.


The great news is, you can replace a toiletseat quickly and easily, without having to break the bank. All you need to dois grab a tape measure, a pencil and some paper.



Here’s how to measure for a toilet seat

Measuring up for a new toilet seat reallyis simple. You will need to take 4 measurements from your toilet: Length,width, height and distance between fixing holes.


For length, place one end of your tapemeasure between the fixing holes and stretch out to the very front end of yourtoilet.

For width, measure across the pan at thewidest point.

For height, measure the distance betweenthe fixing holes and the cistern or wall.

Note the distance between the 2 fixingholes as these can sometimes vary between seats.