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Planning a family bathroom


If you're planning a family bathroom, younot only have to consider the size and layout of your space but also how it serves each and every member of your family.


Ensuring it is practical, easy to maintainand clutter-free can be difficult, not to mention adding style to the equation.Whilst a shower is highly desirable, most family bathrooms centre around thebath, with bath time being an important ritual in the family routine. So, howis it possible to create a family bathroom that covers both functionality and style? Luckily, help is at hand...


Space saving

First off, you’ll want to use all the spaceat your disposal, without making the room look cluttered. This can be achievedby careful use of all bathroom components. We understand that just because abathroom needs to be a family affair, doesn’t mean you can’t make it lookfantastic. One clever design feature is to have a contemporary back to walltoilet which not only provides a modern, sleek look but also makes things a loteasier to clean.


It’s all about the bath

The centre of any family bathroom is thebath itself and, in most cases, it is the one thing where size really doesmatter. For style, a large freestanding bath could be just what you need, andif you fall in love with the look, but are too pushed for space, you can get asmaller version of the same design.


For more practical usage, you could choosea flexible shower bath, with plenty of space for both bathing and showering.


If you have younger children, you may wantto consider a folding shower screen, making access easy at bath time.


Store it in style

You can never have too much storage spacein a family bathroom, so a handy wall hung storage unit could provide plenty ofroom whilst adding a touch of sophistication and modern glamour.


A combination vanity unit is another way tomake the most of clean line minimalist appeal and practical storage.


You’ll want to consider the colour andfinish of these cabinets too though, so choose something which matches yourinterior style and remember that darker colours may be easier to keep clean.



Just because a bathroom is used by allages, doesn’t mean it has to look like a children’s nursery. Practical issuessuch as wipe-clean and waterproof surfaces can be covered by creative use oftiling and you can also alter the perception of the size of a bathroomdepending on which type of tile you choose.


Big wall and floor tiles can make a spaceappear bigger and mosaics can be used to add delicate colours and patterns.This will help bring light and shade to a bathroom and is especially good whereblock colour tiles prove too overwhelming.