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The 5 most important things to consider when buying a shower


In the fast-paced environment of the modernworld, a quick shower is becoming a staple of everyday life and a great way tolet off some steam after a busy day.


1. Size

There are a multitude of sizes to selectwhen picking a shower. The size and layout of the bathroom needs to becarefully considered. For example, if you want to add a shower pump or upgradeto a power shower (and in some cases, this can be a necessity), then you'llneed to allow more room for the increase in water flow.


If you're looking to install a shower tray,enclosures or shower bath, all the measurements need to be carefully consideredbeforehand. By drawing up a blueprint, it can give a clear indication of howeverything will fit into the bathroom.


As more modern designs are made available,it is important to consider how the style will affect the shape of thebathroom. Overcrowding a room with an elaborate design could prove to beunsightly and not what was originally intended.


As to the shower itself, you’ll find a widerange of styles to match your overall bathroom design. From traditional showerswith rain can heads and elaborate valves to sleek contemporary models with avariety of on-trend finishes, like black or gold, you’re bound to findsomething that matches your chosen look.


2. Style

There is a mixture of style options tochoose from when it comes to showers. If you are having a complete overhaul,then the design of the shower enclosure is a treasure chest of ideas; from thewalk-in style to a sliding door enclosure.

3. Position

With the style and size also comes thepositioning. Where the shower is finally positioned could change the wholedynamic of the room, for better or worse. However, access to the water pipesshould always be the priority consideration when deciding on this.


4. Height

Consider the differing heights of thepeople using the shower. If you're looking to use a shower head in a fixedposition this may look very good in terms of style but the height will have tobe considered carefully. With other moveable heads this may not be a problem,but it is vital to always consider the comfort factor in bathrooms when modernising.


One other very important thing to consideris the height of your shower in relation to your water inlet pipes. Make sureyou measure the distance between these and your ceiling and carefully check thefull height of any shower you wish to buy to ensure you have enough clearance.


5. Cost

Consider your budget for decorating anddecide whether you want to spend a large chunk of it on the shower. Bycarefully considering all the elements above and concluding what you need anddon’t need, you should be able to work this out relatively easily. By spendinga bit more, you'll obviously gain a better quality product, but this could beat the expense of other items in your bathroom.


With the shower being an important elementfor many people’s bathroom, the choice cannot be taken too lightly. A slightlydiffering water pressure or fitting could affect the overall look andperformance, but if all the options are considered, you should be well on yourway to years of showering pleasure.