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Planning a cloakroom bathroom


Your downstairs cloakroom can be anoften-forgotten space—a dumping ground for coats, shoes, umbrellas and more.However, in this expert planning guide, we'll show you all the things you'llneed to consider, so you can create a cloakroom which your friends and familywill admire.


With a range of stylish cloakroom bathroomfurniture, short projection toilets and accessories, we have everything you'llneed to make your downstairs cloakroom work for you.


Know your space

The first thing you need to do isunderstand just how much space you’ve actually got at your disposal. Cloakroombathrooms are designed to be compact but that doesn’t mean you can afford to bereckless when it comes to measuring.


Take a range of measurements, consideringdifferent angles and placements, and remember to allow extra room forventilation and plumbing.


Only buy what you need

When space is at a premium you need to becautious with what you buy. Cloakroom bathrooms typically don’t require largerunits like baths and showers, so stick with toilets and washbasins instead.


Our clever corner basins are perfect for acloakroom and can be matched with a corner toilet to make great use of space.If you’ve got a fairly generous cloakroom bathroom then a close coupled toiletshould fit in comfortably. If you’d rather keep everything compact then ourspace saving back to wall toilets and wall hung toilets are ideal.


If you have items which cause clutter, likebottles of household cleaner, consider installing a

cloakroom vanity unit. There are plenty ofslimline designs available which fit small spaces.


Keep it clean

Clutter will make any bathroom look crampedand in a cloakroom this really must be avoided. Keep your cloakroom bathroomclean and clear to make the best use of space. You can even get back to walltoilets fitted as part of a combined unit if you want to add storage but don’thave space for a separate unit. Our MySpace combination units are perfect forthis purpose and come in a range of finishes.


Stay light, bright and airy

When it comes to colours and generaldecorating trends, light is always best in small space. Dark colours will onlymake the room feel smaller, so open it up with crisp white tiles and walls.Inject colour in small doses to avoid it looking clinical and stick withneutral or pale flooring that creates the illusion of space.


If your cloakroom bathroom can have awindow then make it a large one and try to keep it free of heavy dressingswhich make things look smaller. Instead, choose roller blinds or lightlyfrosted glass to preserve your privacy.


Mirrors can be used instead of windows, ifyour bathroom is lacking this feature, to create the illusion of space byreflecting light. You’ll ideally want a large mirror but this should not be sobig as to dominate the space. You can always buy a medium sized mirror andconsider using mirrored wall tiles in a border or pattern to increase the lightreflecting capabilities of your bathroom. You can even go the extra mile andchoose a bathroom mirror with lights, which will help to boost the illusion ofmore light and space in your bathroom.


Cloakroom bathroom ideas

If you're now ready to think about the lookand style of your cloakroom, why not take a look at our small cloakroombathroom ideas, or head to our Small Spaces hub, where you'll find inspirationand advice for all types of small bathroom.