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Ensuite bathroom ideas


An ensuite bathroom is your own privatesanctuary, making it the perfect place to let your creativity run wild. So, whynot discover all our great small shower room ideas and ensuite bathroom ideasbelow?


Whilst it may be small in size, yourensuite can be one of the most stylish rooms in your whole home. Whether you'researching for that perfect bathroom suite or picking out some furniture thatsuits a small space, we can help you achieve an ensuite that reflects your ownpersonal taste. Just click on any of the images below to get started.


How to get the most out of your ensuite

In this handy article, you’ll find somegreat tips and tricks to help you use every square inch of your ensuitebathroom as effectively as possible. From the perfect heating to your choice oftoilet, discover neat small shower room ideas and more…


Planning an ensuite bathroom

Planning a new ensuite bathroom but don’tknow where to begin? Our ensuite bathroom planning guide will help you on yourway, including clever ways to increase your storage and tips on how to styleyour space.


Ensuite bathroom buying guide

Buying for an ensuite bathroom can betricky, as you’ll no doubt be working with a smaller space than an averagefamily bathroom. In our expert buying guide, we’ll take you through all theseconsiderations and more, leaving you with some great ensuite bathroom ideas.


Ensuite bathroom bundles

Browse our exceptional range of ensuitebathroom bundles, carefully designed to bring a coordinated and cohesive lookand feel to your space. From cool, contemporary designs to more traditionalstyles, you’ll discover plenty of inspiring small shower room ideas you’rebound to love.


Toilets and basins for ensuite bathrooms

The most basic components of any ensuitebathroom are the toilet and basin. With our selection of toilet and basinsuites, you’ll find a range of styles and space-saving designs to suit yourunique ensuite.


Shower enclosures for ensuite bathrooms

From sliding shower doors to designer walkin enclosures, browse our full range of shower enclosures to find your perfectensuite bathroom ideas.