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4 reasons to turn your garage into a bathroom


When you think of your garage, taps,toilets and basins don’t immediately spring to mind. However, it could be theperfect place to build a new bathroom. We discover why…


Going back a few decades, the humble garageused to perform a vital function, when cars were still very susceptible to theelements and burglars. Many of us will still remember a time when a car wouldfail to start if it was left parked on a street or driveway during the coldwinter months.


These days, we take our cars for grantedand fully expect them to work first time, wherever we store them and in anyconditions. Therefore, the garage is fast becoming a “nice-to-have”, ratherthan a fully functioning part of our property.


How do we use our garage space?

More often than not, the garage simplyturns into a glorified storage unit. A place to dump all those weird andwonderful things like equipment from hobbies and past times, car parts andaccessories, the barbecue, toys, a freezer or even your washing machine andtumble dryer. Back in 2004, the RAC conducted a survey which found that 62% ofmotorists no longer used their garage to store their car. However, out of allthose surveyed, who no longer used their garage for its intended purposed, just9% had formally converted it to other use.


This gives many of us the option to dosomething wonderful with this space. So, kick out your car and clear away theclutter, here are 4 reasons why turning your garage into a bathroom could bethe best decision you’ve ever made!


1. You can create a bathroom forindependent living

As you get older, futureproofing your homeis a key consideration. With a desire for independent living, it may be thecase that your current bathroom has an awkward layout that simply doesn’t makeit very accessible or easy to get around.


On reaching pensionable age, you are morelikely to need a bathroom with level access and plenty of room, so a garage onthe ground floor of your property could be your best option for expansion.


If you live in a two storey home, having abathroom on the both floors will have a real benefit, meaning you don’t have totraipse up and downstairs. Just remember to remove the garage door first andreplace with something more appropriate! Obviously, this option might not besuitable if your garage is a standalone unit, separate to your house.


2. Your garage has a larger floor plan thanyour existing bathroom

A lack of space or an unusual layout areissues that people often encounter when they go to renovate their bathroom. Infact, many of the people we surveyed, stated this was the biggest issue theyfaced.


In all likelihood, your garage will have alarger floor plan than your current master bathroom, so it’ll certainly giveyou more room to play with when it comes to incorporating all the elements youhave your heart set on.


In a garage bathroom, you could easily fitboth shower and bath installations for example, or create your very own homespa by installing a wet room. The options really are limitless, especially ifyou have a good-sized budget to work to.


3. You can tap into existing plumbing

If your garage is adjacent to your soilstack, you may be able to plumb a toilet and waste pipes from your basin,shower and bath directly into it with minimal disruption. The same goes foryour water supplies.


If you don’t have quick and easy access todrainage, you can always use a macerator. A macerator breaks down waste, beforequickly and hygienically whisking it way via small bore pipes to your nearestwaste outlet. With some macerators, waste can be pumped up to 100 metreshorizontally, so the unit can be placed a fair distance away from the nearestoutlet.


4. You can get creative with a truly blankcanvas

With no previous layout to contend with anda regular shaped floor plan, you can design the whole room from scratch and letyour creativity run wild.


Remember, with what will likely be aconcrete floor, you may have to build a false floor on top to allow room forpipework. When fitting a shower enclosure, riser kits are available to raisethe tray off the floor. This allows the waste to be installed underneath.


As you are building from scratch,absolutely everything, from wall and floors to lighting and ventilation, will needto be planned in, so it will present much more of a challenge than, say, therefurbishment of an existing bathroom. Whether you have the time and patiencefor such a project is up to you.