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Bathroom Cabinet Ideas & Styles


Bathroom cabinets are a key ingredient insetting the style of a bathroom and, more importantly, offer essential storagefor bathroom supplies.


And, of course, most bath cabinets serve asthe base for bathroom sinks.


When it comes to bathroom cabinet styles,sizes, configurations, and materials, options are almost endless. If you’re inthe market for new cabinets, you can choose from a world of possibilities.


In fact, budget may be your only limitingfactor.


You can buy cabinets, semi-custom, orcustom-made cabinets.


Base cabinets can be made like shorterversions of kitchen cabinets, or they can can be more like furniture consoles.


They may have integral countertops or becapped with almost any material found on kitchen counters, from laminate tostone.


Below are just a few of the world of possibilities:


White painted cabinets are bright andcheerful—and a great way to stretch remodeling dollars.

00 (13).jpg


Wall-mounted cabinets contrast beautifully with this stone shower. The open space beneath the cabinet gives it afree-floating look and adds to the spacious feel of the room.


Custom-wood cabinets combine beautiful hardwoods with contemporary styling—and provide exceptional storage. Notice howthe cabinets near the shower have open shelves instead of drawers or a door sothey won’t impinge on the swinging shower door.