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25 Bathrooms With Must-Have Features


Need inspiration for your next bathroomremodel? These bathrooms all possess unique features that you never knew youwanted, but won't be able to live without.


A Terrazzo Takeover

The surfaces in this bathroom are coveredin a trendy Terrazo surface. Made up of small pieces of marble, resin, glassand other various materials, this surface is beautiful and durable. Thecontrast of the colorful countertops with the matte black fixtures isincredibly inspiring.


The Brighter the Better

Lighting is key. This bathroom is filledwith natural light, but that does not negate the need for some stunningfixtures. The extendable arms on these fixtures are even more functional thanthe typical wall sconce, making them the perfect practical yet pretty choice.


Waterfall Bathtub

A ceiling faucet cascades into thisbathtub, bringing a soothing waterfall quality to this space. The traditionalwhite bathtub with tall sides lends itself to the Asian design of the rest ofthe room. Worried about privacy? Frosted glass creates intimacy without takingaway from the room's brightness.


Everything Revolves Around the Shower

This bathroom takes contemporary to a wholenew level. This shower is outfitted with a revolving glass door that adds aspa-like quality without making it feel any less like home.


Fresh-Looking Floating Vanities

This bathroom is filled with multiplefeatures that make it truly unique, but one of our favorites has to be thedouble floating vanities. The fresh farmhouse quality gives the space a senseof calm and the under-the-sink storage capabilities cannot be denied.


Green With Envy

A bright, Kelly green floating vanity isthe showstopping feature that this bathroom possesses. All-white walls, floorsand accessories support this bold design trend and create a chic, yet playfulspace.


Gray, White + Marble All Over

Neutrals and marble cover this bathroom andwe're not sad about it. The gray-hued walls perfectly accent the gray streakingin the marble, creating a striking yet simple design.


A Feature Wall Win

A simple double vanity is the perfectunderstated piece for this bathroom featuring a boldly patterned wallpaper. Thered, styled mirrors pop off the blue chinoiserie wallpaper giving this space anelegant, Asian flair.


Well Lit Vanity

No more stubbed toes! The lighting on theunderside of this vanity creates a special ambiance throughout the space. Anaddition of this feature is one you won't regret.


Totally Metal Tub

Cool grays and sleek textures deck out thiscontemporary bathroom. Not only does the floating vanity give the room atrendsetting look, the all-metal bathtub set against the large tiled wallabsolutely steals the show.


Built-In Bathroom Storage Center

There's nothing like an organized space togive you room to relax and prep for your day. The built-in storage centerfeatured here is the perfect place to hang all your towels and keep all yourextra toiletries hidden from view.


Flooring Is Everything

The noteworthy aspect of this space needsno introduction. Look at that flooring! The geometric patterned tile suits thisspace so well thanks to the white walls, ceiling and surfaces that allow it tobe the star of the show.


A Head-to-Toe Makeover

Create a bathroom space you'll never wantto leave. This space touts a spa-like feature that is completely unique to thishome. Relax in style and ease with an in-house pedicure station to meet allyour "treat yourself" needs.


All-Black Ladder Storage

The unique feature that this bathroompossesses is cost-effective and extremely useful. A sleek, black ladderperfectly matches the large soaking tub, creating the quintessential place fortowels while also acting as a decor item.


Bring on the Wine + Bubble Baths

There's nothing better than a bubble bathwith a glass of wine. This master bathroom features a wet bar just outside themain space, creating a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere that is certain to beenjoyed by all who enter.


Concrete Countertop for the Win

A concrete countertop takes the cake inthis space. Sitting on an antique-style vanity, this unique countertop optionsit delicately over his-and-her sinks, giving the space a modern yet charmingappeal.


Marble + Industrial Mashup

Talk about a unique feature! The bold, ironmachine piece that forms the base for the sink is not something you see everyday. But, the striking contrast it creates with the marble countertop issomething we want in all of our spaces this instant.


Rock Wall Water Feature

This bathroom brings nature indoors with afloor-to-ceiling rock shower. White walls, stained glass mirrors and a neutraldouble vanity combined with the variety of textures creates a luxuriouslystyled bathroom.


Heat It Up

There is nothing more luxurious feelingthan a warm, fluffy bath towel after a refreshing shower or soothing bath. Thistowel warmer will turn your ordinary bathroom into an extraodinary space.


Perfectly Placed Cabinet

Not only is this feature useful, it's theconversation piece of the entire space. This sky-scraping cabinet solves theever-present problem of no storage in a beautiful way. And a salvaged antiquedoor puts the cherry on top of this unique bathroom feature.


Personal Cottage Retreat

This bathroom has it all — a large soakingtub, an enormous walk-in shower and most shockingly, a roof line. There is acertain coziness that this feature brings, creating an almost cottage,retreat-like atmosphere, just what a bathroom needs.


Open Shelving to the Rescue

One thing is certain, there is never enoughstorage in a bathroom. This master bathroom features a honed marble countertopwith under-the-sink open shelving that provides the necessary space neededwithout forsaking design.


Dripping With Honeycombs

This contemporary black and white bathroomfeatures a bold flooring tile, with bright white tile covering the walls andbathtub. The small, honeycomb-shaped tile lends itself to giving the room aspacious feel without having to tear down any walls.


Into the Woods

This space takes a wallpaper to a whole newlevel. The woodsy feel is carried throughout every aspect of the space, fromthe tree-lined wallpaper to the simple, wooden vanity, creating a seamlesslycohesive feel.


Give Us All the Marble

A sink basin carved from solid marble addsunmatched elegance to this space. Without a solid vanity base, this bathroomhas an open and airy feel that lends itself to the clean, curated space.