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Small Bathroom Storage Solutions


Find unique ideasand clever solutions for creating extra storage in the bathroom.


Contain It

Use baskets, binsand trays to stay organized (especially in a kid's bathroom). An inexpensivecutlery tray can be used to hold to make up, combs and tubes. Plastic shoeboxes are great for stashing ointments – and if they leak, you can easily rinseout the box. Keep hairbrushes and combs in tall, narrow vases.


Not EnoughCounter Space?

Install aledge-style shelf over the sink and underneath the mirror. It won't take up alot of space but it will provide extra surface for laying out cosmetics andtoiletries when you're getting ready.


Shallow Can BeSuitable

Don't think youhave enough space to install a shelf? Think again. Even a narrow shelf can helpalleviate storage issues. Bottles and jars only need a few inches of shelfspace. Place hooks on the underside of the shelves to hang towels andwashcloths.


Make it Reflective

If you are building a DIY shelving unit, considerusing clear glass shelves with mirrored backs. It will make the room appearmore open and less cluttered.


Look for Character

Comb antique markets and yard sales for unusualways to stash your stuff – try bushel baskets, old milk boxes, cookie tins andtool boxes.


Great Creative With Wall Storage

A wooden barrel is sliced into four pieces,dividers are added then they were hung on the wall to hold towels, toilettissue and products.


Hang Furniture

What was once a small side table with storage isnow a handy medicine cabinet.


Use All Your Vertical Space

Fill open wall space with floating shelves.They're readily available at big retailers, inexpensive and easy to install.