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Marble bathroom ideas for an elegant and luxurious scheme


Marble is makinga style revival in our bathrooms thanks to its natural beauty, versatility...and some excellent and affordable ceramic and porcelain lookalikes


Fresh brighttones, a natural look and an appearance that communicates luxury – what’s notto like about marble bathroom ideas?


If you’re after ahot new look that’s bang on trend, a splash of marble in the bathroom is theway to go. However, as a bathroom idea, you may have dismissed it as expensive.Which, if you are planning to clad every wall in Carrara marble slabs, is areasonable assessment.


But thanks toclever new technologies, it’s now possible to find convincing lookalikes thathave the same luxurious finish at a lower price tag. These ceramic andporcelain options are lighter, less expensive, and ensure there’s a way to hopon the marble bandwagon no matter the size of your bathroom, or budget.


Is marble a goodchoice for bathrooms?

Marble is a greatchoice for bathrooms as its light finish complements white sanitaryware, whileits delicate grey veining elevates a space from mundane washroom to luxuriousspa. No wonder it’s having its moment where bathroom trends are concerned.


Marble bathroomideas

1. Start with amarble floor

Large-scalemarble tiles are a stunning bathroom flooring idea, though too slippery afinish could be dangerous, particularly around the bath or in a shower. Thatapplies whether you are choosing natural marble stone or porcelain tiles.


2. Clad the bath

Up the indulgenceof a soak in the tub by surrounding yourself in marble. Here, black ‘brassware’– including a bath filler, hand shower and flush plate – are in strikingcontrast and give a material with such classical connotations a very sharp andmodern look.


3. Make a featureof the shower in marble

When you want touse a smaller amount of marble, whether for budget or aesthetic choices, thereare few better ways than cladding a shower enclosure. What better feeling thanstepping into your own bubble of luxury every morning or evening?


A dark bathroomcolour scheme allows the marble to really pop and become a statement, standoutfeature.


4. Gowall-to-wall herringbone marble

This wet roomlook combines two key trends – marble and herringbone tile patterns. The waythe tiles have been laid and the playful way the dark and light surfacescombine give the space a very contemporary and upscale feel.


Choosing theright grout colour is especially important when working with a natural stonelike marble. And not just because of aesthetics. Darker grouts can actuallystain a pale tile, so it’s best to stick to lighter shades, as is the casehere.


5. Bookmatch yourmarble

Book matching – a process in which a stone slab issplit down the centre to produce a mirror image of two identical grains – takesthe decorative possibilities of marble to a new level, turning the elaborategraining into a work of art.


For its sensual feel and inherent natural beauty,marble is an unparalleled choice for bathrooms, adding instant glamour to ascheme, and this bathroom in no exception.


6. Add marble glamour to a country bathroom

7. Introduce marble details

Marble is not a cheap material, but even just alittle will inject a classy feel into your look. The large basin, traditionalwall-mounted taps and a wooden vanity unit make this bathroom far fromordinary.


Natural materials are always beautiful andcombining two of them together works a treat. Re-create this look yourself byupcyling an old wooden cabinet and adding a marble countertop and splashback toshield it from water damage.


8. Fake it with wallpaper

Ceramic tiles aren’t the only way to fake themarble look. You could also bring the look through via a wallpaper or wallmural. Bathroom wallpaper ideas are often the subject of debate – many have hadno issues using standard wallpaper on the walls. But you may want to take extrasteps to ensure it doesn’t deteriorate in the damp conditions.


Where the wallpaper is situated far from your bathor shower, and you have an extractor fan to gobble up any steam created, youshould have no issues. However, in small bathrooms and those with limitedventilation, you should apply a decorator’s varnish for protection. And neverapply wallpaper in an area that’s likely to be splashed a lot, such as above asink or in a shower.


9. Enhance an all-white bathroom with marble

White remains a popular choice for a bathroombecause of its natural association with cleanliness. But if you are concernedit could feel stark, bringing in natural marble will add texture and a silverglint of glamour.


10. Play with patterns

Marble mosaics offer a high-quality surface thatallows you to create a personalised decorative scheme, and the timeless beautyof Italian marble is ideal for a country house.


Although a more expensive choice for flooring,keep costs down by choosing basic metro tiles on the wall and simply updatingtaps and fittings instead of replacing whole suites.


11. Go geometric on walls

Using marble in a bathroom may seem an obviouschoice, but to ring the changes try wall tiles in unusual shapes. Here,geometric marble tiles add a contemporary touch and provide plenty of visualinterest even for the most pared-back scheme. White marble has a timelessappeal and luxurious purity so it’s perfect for modern or country bathrooms.


12. Introduce hotel luxe

A marble bathroom oozes hotel glamour, and thedesigners of this smart en suite have spared no expense. Cleverly surrounding adeep bath with the same marble as the floor and walls creates a seamless flowof luxury and also gives the illusion of a larger space, as the eye is notdistracted by varying patterns. It’s a wonderful way to create your ownspa-style bathroom at home.