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9 Small Bathroom Design Tips Interior Designers Want You to Know


Small bathrooms can be tough to design. On the one hand, because they are compact, you save money on materials because youare using fewer materials. On the other hand, small bathrooms are small, and no one likes being cramped. That's why it helps to have professional advice!


How best to remodel and decorate a small bathroom. These experts include:

Whether you're working on your ensuite bathroom, a downstairs powder room, or the bathroom you share with the entire household, here's how to make it work—no matter the size.


01 Make Space for a Larger Vanity

A larger vanity might actually be the way to go—even if it seems counterintuitive. Get the largest vanity you can get, It will give you a lot more counter space and make everything look a bit bigger.


02 Be Strategic with Pattern

While it can be tempting to go all-out withpatterns in a smaller bathroom as a way to create a statement on a small scale,but we suggest taking a step back and really being strategic with what you gofor. Put a pattern on the floor, for example, but keep the walls neutral by adding texture either in a molding detail or wall paper.


03 Consider a Fixed Shower Panel

Instead of a sliding or swinging glass dooron the shower, consider a fixed panel. Then move the shower handle to the openend so you can turn on your shower without getting wet. There are now 2-in-1 shower heads so you don't have to have both a shower head and handheld.


04 Keep It Clean

Anyone working with a small bathroom should keep the space as tidy as possible. Storage boxes and baskets are your bestfriends if you can't add furniture (otherwise, feel free to add floatingshelves, they will help you store everything and are super easy to decorate). Choose neutral colors for the boxes and baskets so as not to overwhelm the space.


05 Let There Be Light

If you have a window, it's a huge advantage.Natural light will immediately make space appear bigger. In that case, be sure to let the light shine. Do not add a lot of plants in front of the window, for instance. Let the light flow! If you don't have a window, you'll have to add asmuch artificial light as you can. Maybe change the light fixtures for abrighter/bigger one if you can, add another light source.


06 Be Strategic with Mirror Placement

The mirrors are also super helpful when it comes to emphasizing the light of the room. You should place it in front of the window or of the light fixture to double the amount of light. You can, for instance, use smaller mirrors to install in the bathroom to help the light reflect multiple times.


07 Don't Overlook Accessories

Even if you need to declutter the space, you don't want your bathroom to look too bare. To add decoration without cluttering the area, play with functional decoration for instance starting withmirrors for light, little rattan baskets for storage, a beautiful shower curtain, or even an aesthetically pleasing bath mat.


08 Choose Smaller Decorative Details

If you want to make a decorative statement, choose smaller details. You can be playful with the bathroom vanity or the towel holder if the rest of the space is neutral, don't be afraid to use wallpaper—but again, nothing too bold. Adding a lovely light blue pattern on one wall (one wall only, please!) will add depth to the space.


09 Get Rid of Excess Towels

Keeping only two sets of towels per person, unless there are particular circumstances when you might need more. There's no reason for more if you own a working washer. No matter how you stack, stash, fold, or hang them, caring for more linens than you need just takes up room and energy