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Bathroom storage ideas – solutions to keep bathrooms of all sizes neat and tidy


Bathroom storage is essential for keepingyour bathroom tidy and clutter free. If you’ve got a small bathroom or a largefamily – or both – then you are probably in need of some clever bathroom storage ideas to help keep clutter behind closed doors and more attractive items out on show.


However low-maintenance you like to think you are, there are so many essential bits and pieces in a bathroom that you just can’t store else where: razors, hairbrushes, cotton wool pads, loo roll,spare soaps, tooth paste.. All of these must-haves need somewhere to live and sometimes more than one set of bathroom storage is needed.


Whether you need one, two or all of these bathroom ideas, our tricks and tips for squeezing a little more space out ofyour bathroom aren’t to be missed. The best bet by far is wall-hung storage that keeps floor space clear, or narrow shelves.


We’re guessing your bathroom is spilling over with lotions and potions and a whole host of other beauty necessities. But even in the smallest room in the house, a smart storage solutions can give you plenty of room.

Bathroom storage ideas

1.    Run a shelf above the bathroom door

2.    Squeeze in a slim line shelf unit

Like GOLDEA model YBC205 open shelves givean instant overview of the products you have and those you are running low on.A tall, freestanding shelf unit will take up minimum floor space and can slotin beside a basin, bath or shower. Keep daily-use items, such as soap andtoothbrushes, at hand height for easy access and stack bulkier things, likespare towels, lower down

3.    Make use of wall space

In a bijou en suite or cloakroom, make the most ofwasted space above the loo by installing a slimline cabinet on the wall. Shallow shelves are great for keeping loo rolls and cleaning products hidden away. 


      4.    Organise make-up and toiletries


Store make-up and smaller bits and bobs outof sight in drawer divider (like pic using our unique separator). With everything in its place, you’ll spend less time looking forwhat you need when you’re getting ready.


5.    Fit shelves above and below a basin

Introduce shelving where ever you can in abathroom. The picture with our metal vanity series shown here incorporate alower shelf for towel storage.


6.    Display luxury toiletries on open shelving


Display pretty toiletries on an open-shelf unit. The items that need storage, like bulky towels and numerous toiletries,can also add to the decorative look of the bathroom, so its worth thinking about how you can show them off to their best advantage


7.    Opt for free standing accessories


Consider freestanding storage – it is more flexible than fitted cupboards and can be moved around your space to suit. This curvy tiered basket has a decorative feel. To prevent it looking messy, colour co-ordinate your accessories and separate into categories.


9.    Use glass shelves to maximiselight


Glass shelves help maximise light in asmall bathroom, and mount a shelf in a disused space above the door to hold astack of clean towels.


Will you be using any of these savvybathroom storage ideas in your space?