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How to add bathroom colour on a budget


How to add bathroom colour on a budget

1. Upcycle old furniture with paint


You don’t need to buy new to achieve abrand new look in your space For a more subtle aesthetic, try painting yourwooden furniture a bolder colour. Wooden stools, chairs and even mirror frameslook great with a splash of dark colour, especially against neutral backdrops.

2.  Tile a basin splashback



While tiling the whole bathroom could setyou back hundreds of pounds, picking your favorite design and covering a smallarea above the sink is much more cost effective.

3.  Pop in more plants



4. Switch your shower curtain


Switching your boring old shower curtainfor something more snazzy has to be the least expensive way to add colour wecan think of.   

5. Change your towels


This oh-so-simple switch can have a bigimpact on a bathroom. Contrast soothing blue walls with towels in hot orange orpink for impact, or pick a colour that complements existing features.

6. Paint a feature wall… or two


It’s perhaps an obvious solution, but ifyou’re still wondering how to add bathroom colour on a budget, you can alwaysreach for the paint brush and paint non-tiled walls in a deep shade of blue orgreen.


What are the best colours to use in abathroom?

Go in a bathroom. If there’s a particularshade that you feel expresses you, you have a personal connection, and that ispowerful when deciding what colour to use.

Just ensure that the colours you choose letyou have that moment of peace in a place that feels like home.