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Downstairs toilet ideas to make the most of a small cloakroom space


Downstairs toilet ideas to make the most of a small cloakroom space


Make more of a compact cloakroom oren-suite loo with our smart downstairs toilet ideas. A cloakroom is just the place to experiment with a new style you might not be confident enough to try in a bigger room.


A great area to express your individuality and creativity, a separate loo can be a nod to your fun side, without changing the overall style of your house. However, balancing bold design and function can be tricky in such a small space.


Downstairs toilet ideas

If you are working with a small, possiblyawkward downstairs toilet or cloakroom, clever storage ideas and space-savingfittings are essential. Fold away cabinets and chests or towel rails underbasins are just two ideas that could save you valuable inches in a tinycloakroom.


Use your bathroom idea to express yourindividual style: Fun, bold wallpaper, a wall mural or a printed blind will addflair and creativity to your room. Add contemporary touches, such as statementfittings in bold chrome, or exposed brick walls for an edgy, industrial feel.


Take a look at these cloakroom anddownstairs toilet ideas to transform your confined yet essential space.

1. Make a strong statement on the floor


This small space is the perfect place totry something more daring. Here’s your chance to be brave and experiment withstyles and colours you might usually shy away from. When the space is verging on the small side, we recommend adding interesting to the floor instead of thewalls to avoid making it feel too enclosing.

2. Opt for a space-saving corner sink

Look for smart solutions to save space in avery limited cloakroom. Utilise a corner sink to free up valuable space to movearound in. This downstairs idea is especially effective if your door opensdirectly onto the sink – the smaller the design, the less restrictive it feels.Seek a corner storage unit to sit beneath the sink to save further space.

3. Build bespoke storage


If starting your cloakroom design fromscratch consider building bespoke storage to make it feel less imposing. Arecessed cubby hole helps to emerge the storage into the wall, making it morestreamlined. Adding lights above helps to create the perfect spot to displaybathroom essentials which enhance the scheme, such as house plants, scentedcandles and luxury products.

4. Choose a sliding door to save space


Look for space-saving designs to be smartwithin limited spaces, such as this sliding door solution. While it’s highly advised to choose an outward opening door in a small cloakroom to make the room feel bigger, that can prove tricky when the room in question is located in a hallway beneath the stairs.


An outwardly opening door could provehazardous to passing members of the household and quests. When space is reallytight try a sliding door instead, to mean the door takes up literally no space inside or out.

5. Choose a floating vanity unit


A floating or wall hung vanity unit willcreate the illusion of space and is handy for keeping storage baskets tuckedbeneath. Continue the clean and simple style with calming eau-de-nil metrotiling mounted half-way, fresh white walls. And the mirror cabinet offers more storage options