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7 Inspiring DIY Bathroom Ideas


You don't need to buy everything in your bathroom for it to look amazing. In fact, you can use DIY projects, big and small, to really make your bathroom your own. Whether it's vanity that fitsjust right, or a handmade faux-marble countertop, or even just a hand-sewn shower curtain, there are lots of ideas out there on how to use your creativity to personalize your space.

1. Make Your Own Industrial Sink Vanity


If you prefer the open, industrial-style sink space, you don't need to spend a lot of money. Just get a couple of lengths of copper tubing, spray paint it whichever color you like, and install it safely as legs for your sink.

2. Pallet Make up Organizer


You can find some empty, abandoned pallets somewhere. Pallet wood is conveniently set into easy-to-use planks, that you can separate and put back together at will.

3. Bathroom With Wood Stump Vanity Space


This simple minimalism is heightened with an engraved mirror and a beautiful natural stone sink.

4. DIY Shower Curtain


5. Kids' Bathroom With DIY Comic Art


Are you or someone you know a mural artist? Then get inspired by this gorgeous DIY comic art in this attic kids' bathroom. The bubbles on the wall continue onto the side of the tub,and the white wall makes every bright color pop.


If you have no painting talent, you could use wall decals for a similar effect.

6. Bathroom With DIY Open Shelf


Never leave the bathroom for clean towelsagain with this easy DIY open shelf. If this one looks too rustic for you, you can always paint or stain the wood before building the shelf. That's the beauty of DIY projects: you can modify them however you like to suit your own style and ideas.

7. Contemporary Bathroom With DIY Leather And Copper Makeup Organizer


The organizer can be modified and used in any room: for small utensils in the kitchen, for hanging plants in the living room or bedroom, and of course in the bathroom.


The bright copper adds some glam, and isreused through out the bathroom on the sconce and the sink hardware.