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Gone are the days when size was a barrier;using the latest design ideas and bathroom pieces, your snug bathroom, ensuite or powder room will be comfortable, notcramped. The key is efficiency, utilising every centimetre of space to create something that feels spacious no matter what its dimensions or your small bathroom layout.

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Float your boat

The more floor space that is visible, the larger the room will look, so floating vanities (wall hung vanities) and cupboards as well as wall-hung toilets are essentialparts of small bathroom designs. These pieces don’t need to be bulky, elegant slim-line units are widely available.


Shower power

When it comes to the shower, aim to avoid enclosed versions with raised trays, instead going for more seamless, walk-in options using clear glass. Don’t feel a square box of aspace is needed for this; it can fit the shape and size of your room layout. And if you want a bath, opt for one of the latest small sizes, and consider positioning it within the glass-fronted walk-in, to create a full wet area for bathing and showering.


Light and bright

Light colours are the not-so-secret weapon when it comes to creating a sense of space in a small bathroom layout. This doesn’t mean you have to stick to white, play with warm beige and soft greys, colours that reflect, rather than absorb any available light.


Touchy feely

Because your palette will be fairly neutral, play with texture to energise the room. Explore using marble, granite and concrete – anything which creates that tactile feel while adding interest. Large format tiles give an impression of more space, but change these up by using contrastingones to create an eye-catching panel or to tile niches.


Mirror, mirror

Don’t underestimate the power of mirrors to double the feeling of space in a small bathroom layout, while alsoadding a show stopping element to your room. Although wall-to-wallis extremely effective, recessed cabinet options createstorage, which is at a premium when square meterage is limited. 


Cut the clutter

Less is more when dealing with smallbathroom designs, so aim to either keep lotions and potions tucked away, or ensure they are tidy. If you don’t have room for cabinets, hooks and floating shelving are good storage options, but consider how you place items on these, so it isn’t a busy jumble of clutter – attractive baskets can be a good solution.